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Pony Education is an independent hair education company that teaches hairstylists how to look at the individual client and teaches the techniques to give the client something beautiful, interesting, and suited to them.

Pony is a 100% WOC-owned company, founded by Corinna Hernandez in 2014. We are not a product company.

We have online, on-site, live, and on demand education.

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Upcoming Hands-On Workshops.

Our hands-on education teaches you “how” to cut hair and pushes you to your limits so you can feel confident behind the chair no matter what inspo your client brings in! These intimate, spaced-out, hands-on educational opportunities will impact your career.

Pony Education at Pony Studios

Regional Education

Pony Educator Residencies

Hairdressers love Pony Education!

"It’s finally something that helps us! Not a cookie cutter technique of one thing! They are offering a variety of creative classes with a cool yet realistic twist!"


“Great education offered for veterans in the business to inspire and rejuvenate creative minds!!”


"The best you can get online! Makes you feel like you’re there in person when you can’t be. Explanations are terrific and clear. All the styles are current and fun. Everyone seems like they love what they do. Very happy to have this tool."



Live and On Demand Education

via Web and iOS App

Pony Education LIVE subscribers gain access to monthly LIVE events on multiple cameras from our education center in Oakland, CA, over 50 full length tutorials, and 100+ hours of premium education.

Live workshops.

Members get access to live workshops from our multi-camera Pony Studios education center in Oakland, CA.

Extensive library.

Get instant access to our massive library of the best live or on demand education, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

On demand full length HD tutorials.

Subscribe today to start watching an ever-growing database of full length cutting and styling tutorials filmed in HD and edited down for easy consumption.

Upcoming LIVE Events:

Subscribers to Pony Education LIVE get access to live education from our educators and friends. We've hosted monthly interactive, live, multi-camera events since 2019.

Bb and Hairstory Founder Michael Gordon, Celebrity Colorist and Visionary Aura Friedman, A-List Editorial Stylist Dennis Lanni, Razor Forefather and R&Co Founder Howard McLaren, and A-List Editorial Stylist Ramona Eschbach are just a small handful of guests that fly in to share their experiences with our audience.


Movie Night with Michael Gordon: Lambert & Stamp

Come for a iconic, fashion-forward film; stick around for the conversation.


2/8 Take Me To Bangtown with Corinna 

2/22 All About Redheads with Celebrity Colorist and industry visionary Aura Friedman

Movie Night with MG: Supermensch


3/1 Aaron Pursell Cutting Shags LIVE

3/15 Short layer cuts with Kate Schlichter


4/12 Long Layers with Dante Pronio

Dante brings decades of NYC cutting and educating to Pony Studios in a detailed exploration of all things long-layered

4/19 Editorial Styling with Ramona Eschbach

Bonus pop up event with editorial, lead- backstage stylist Ramona Eschbach. All the way from Paris, Ramona is going to show us a couple of her favorite backstage styling looks from some of the hottest shows!


5/17 Modern Bride with Celebrity and Editorial Stylist Mischa G

Mischa G is coming to town to show off her favorite modern bridal looks. She will be styling a variety of textures and lengths, breaking down how to build a look that will last the whole night.


6/7 Iconic Eras w/Celebrity Editorial Stylist Amy Farid

Spend some time with editorial celebrity stylist, Amy Farid as she shares some of her favorite works and teaches us how to translate editorial styling to your clients.


7/11 & 7/12 Shags + Mullets with Cella, Casey and Corinna Hernandez

Have you been admiring mullets and shags from afar, feeling a little intimidated to try carving up one for yourself? And what’s the difference between a mullet and shag anyway? We’re here to break it all down and share our favorite tips and tricks to give ANYONE a flattering mullet or shag.
Join us and learn new fun cutting techniques with the razor, how to get those sweet tendrily bits, and the best way to hand style any hair texture.
By learning how to observe growth patterns and seeing where the hair wants to live, you’ll be able to give your clients a fresh, easy style that brings out their own unique look while meeting their personal needs and wants. You will be given the tools to look at hair through a different lens, grow confidence to GO FOR IT! So let’s get to business so we can go to the party!


8/8 & 8/9 Master Razor with Dante Pronio and Corinna Hernandez

Join us for a deep dive and exploration of razor cutting from the inside out. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced cutters interested in taking their razor skills to the next level, this offering is also a unique opportunity to learn from some of today’s great razor educators.
This class is designed to cover the basics of razor cutting and give you insight into how two of the industry's razor masters approach and execute a flawless razor cut. Learn the how’s, why’s, when’s for shags, bobs, bangs, bits, and bowls.


9/19 & 9/20 Bobs, Bangs + Bits with Corinna Hernandez and Travis Speck

Join us for two day inspirational workshop that is devoted to BOBS, designed to give you insight into how one of the industry’s razor masters approaches and executes a flawless razor cut.
There are so many types of bobs; blunt bobs,French bobs, graduated bobs, long bobs, grunge bobs, the list goes on. Join us for a day devoted to cutting different bobs we love and finding those tendrily bangs and bits sections we all love and how to cut them so they frame softly.

9/27 Hot Roller Set with Editorial Hairstylist, Rolando Beauchamp

Rolando Beauchamp will demonstrate a hot roller set and transition the look into multiple looks live. Be prepared to be challenged and take home a new set of tools to elevate your styling, whether behind the chair or at your next photoshoot.


10/17 & 10/18 Advanced Razor Cutting with Coco Santiago and Corinna Hernandez

More details coming soon.

Pony Education @Pony Studios

Impactful immersive workshops

Premium hands-on education with custom merch, gift bags, and locally sourced models with Pony Educators in a safe, small group setting.

2021 Pony Education Calendar

Pony Regional Education

Hands-on in-salon education in your own town

Host a Pony Educator In your salon for your staff or open the event up to your local hairdresser community. We cap these classes at 6 total students.

Learning matters.

Building a culture of learning and education can make a big impact on your business.

We’re talking more clients. Higher prices. Higher customer satisfaction. Higher retention.

A staff that brings more insight, knowledge, confidence —and joy— into everything they do. Sounds great, right?

Pony can help.


Pony all the time! This app is so slick and makes watching Pony Education videos SO easy! The content is better than any online subscription services I’ve seen, the educators are top notch and not only show you how but can teach you why. There’s multiple camera angles so you don’t miss anything. Nothing beats hands on, but this is a very close second. This app makes best education out there so accessible 🤘 Thank you Pony!!!🎉🎉”

— SASHA IN OREGON , 02/20/2020


"I LOVE this education! Incredible educators and it’s fun, not your typical online education with white screen in the background etc... I can’t recommend enough 💯"

— TRAVIS BRIGGS , 02/21/2020


"Best education in the business! Cool, fresh, and fun! Pony is a group of humble stylists that are extremely seasoned and the best educators in the business.”

— EURASIA10 , 08/24/2020

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We're confident you will improve from the consultation through to the hand styling, and actually look forward to absorbing this knowledge and putting it into practice.


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